The Significance of the Great Cherokee Flag

The Great Flag of the Asiatic Western Hemisphere is represented by the Seal of the Cherokee Nation of September 6, 1839.

The Flag of the Cherokee Nation is a National Emblem that is representation of our Sovereignty as the Cherokee people Indigenous to this Asiatic Western Hemisphere. A Flag represented a peoples’ control over a certain area Territory or Country. All established Nation as a National rule of law of Nations possess an emblem in the form of a flag.

The beauty and significant of a Nations history can be read in the science and symbolism of its flag. The beauty of the flag of the Cherokee Nation is equally true in it significant and application. The yellow in the Cherokee Flag represent Light and Spirituality. All yellow flowers and yellow foods are vehicles through which psychic force can enter the body to strengthen the psychic currents. Yellow is the color which lends to all other colors their spiritual significance.

The Black Circle surrounding the Cherokee Flag represents the Circumference of the Wall of darkness of the blackness of Space of the Universe. Green is the most extensity color covering Mother Earth in the form of Vegetation. The word Earth carries a deeper significant than meaning Land! Earth means also to be Green with Vegetation. Green also means life, Growth, Progress and Safety. The significant of Red in the Cherokee Flag represents the Big Red in Father Sky which is the sun which is a big Red Ball of fire, the life giver of Fire, heat, Life, Light, Vitamins, Energy and Power over all life on Mother Earth and all other Planets within the Suns’ Circle of Light.

The inner Circle of Yellow is symbolically reflective of the moon which reflects light from the sun. The moons have no power of rotation to generate light or gravity because she has no water to give her the power of gravity that would enable the moon to rotate by the power of sun light! Therefore the moon exists as a reflecting power within the circle of Mother Earth. Just as we are reflections of the wisdom of our ancestors here in the 21st Century manifesting ourselves as Natives!

Blue in the Cherokee Flag represents the Sky of Mother Earth and not the sky of space outside of Mother Earth’s pocket of rotation in space. Mother Earth due to her high speed of rotation and nature of life on her Emits-a-gas that surround her in space this gas is call (Ether) that is emanated into the Atmosphere that on a clear day the sky of Mother Earth appears to be Blue in color.

But in reality, the blue color cannot be located. The blue is only a appearance and not a true color. The only color in the Universe that is a true color is the sun! (Red). The master painter of nature is the Sun. all colors come from the Sun!

Mother Earth is divinely protected by a ring of fire known as the cosmic belt of radiation that protects Mother Earth from falling cosmic debris from space. The Wreath in the Cherokee Flag represents our ancestors who have passed on before us and those who have fallen in the war in defense of the Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears which were a death march.

The circular Flower of the Wreath in our Flag also represents Spiritual Enfoldment and Beauty in the Chambers of Wisdom Development of our Spiritual self as Natives. The blossoming forth of flowers gives forth beauty in Nature and a Aroma that are pleasing to the sense of smell and sight.

Flowers are born from seeds, they live and they wither and die leaving seeds for future flowers to come. Every generation represents the seeds of their Ancestors physically and spiritually in wisdom of the ages.

The star in the Cherokee Flag represents Justice, Balance, Light and the Seven Directions in the Universe which are North, South, East, West, Up, Middle and Below. Notice that our stars in the Flag are a Seven Point Star! Seven in Native Culture and Tradition mean we think ahead to the Seventh Generation in planning the future of our people.

The Seal means, we are officially a Sovereign People with a self independent Flag and authority in the Land. The Pole of our Flag represents, we are the People to uphold our sovereignty of our Nation, Land and Country of which our Flag represents to us!

Let us be proud of our flag. Let us study the significant and science of the Cherokee Nation Flag. It is our official seal.

        Shaman Red Deer

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