Cherokee BlackFeet Circle Cultural
Medicine Bundle Ceremonial Rite
A Synopsis

 The Cherokee Algonquin Medicine Bundle Ceremony is rooted in the wisdom and science of indigenous Native American spirituality, which has been practice, by our ancestors for untold thousands of years! On This Continent.

Being a Ceremonial Shaman

 I have been entrusted as keeper of The Sacred Medicine Bundle for the Cherokee BlackFeet Cultural Circle of New York City Tri-State area.  The Medicine Bundle Ceremony of the Cherokee BlackFeet Cultural Circle carry a deeper meaning than the dictionary does not distinguish and difference in meaning between the terms Witch Doctor and Medicine Man.

 The good Witch Doctor and the good medicine man and woman in reality is good wisdom doctors who practice good medicine towards all forms of life that’s grace mother earth.  The Medicine Bundle Ceremony is a blessing practice and a time of great spiritual healing for our people in the 4 directions of mother earth.

 In the context of our pow-wow our pow-wow’s given by the Cherokee BlackFeet Cultural Circle is to always send forth good medicine in the world for the healing of the nations tribes kinders and tongues of the indigenous native Indian people of mother earth the Master Mother of all life that she produce.

 Our Medicine Bundle Ceremony is always given within the spirit and vibrations of the great spirit the grand master of our life and destiny.  Being the indigenous native Indians of this Western Hemisphere of our ancient ancestors of whom the descendents of the original people of this Western Hemisphere. As a practicing Chief and Shaman good medicine will always be the essence and substance of my spirit.

Shaman Red Deer

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