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Order Of Services-Part I

A spiritual service is to be held over the dead body of every Native American young or old even of infants who have lived for a few seconds or minutes.

When a Native American dies the spiritual and ceremonial law is that the body is to be washed with lavender and oil. Lavender cleans away the impurities. After the body is washed, it is scented with lavender oil and wrapped in white cotton cloth or a sheet. The dead body is then placed into the coffin, and an eagle’s feather is placed upon the body. As Native Americans, we must show respect for our dead. The Native American Cherokee Ceremony and interment rites are always to be performed by a Native American Cherokee Chief Shaman or elder who is qualified to perform the Native American Cherokee nation Blackfeet Cultural Ceremony and Burial Rites.

Order Of Services-Part II

It is the Native American Cherokee Spiritual law that the body of the deceased is to be returned and placed into Mother Earth before sundown of the same day or the next day before sundown. The only mercy of exception in such matters of burial that would cause a postponement would be due to uncontrollable circumstances that would warrant a delay of a funeral and burial ceremony, i.e. unfavorable weather conditions, travel time, distance, etc... Under no unfound reasonable circumstances do we embalm our dead or donate organs or body parts for medical services or other endeavors.

The funeral service begins and ends in prayer of the Cherokee Spiritual system. The body of the deceased is carried on the shoulders as a mark of respect to its final resting place.

A Lesson In Life -Part III

All things have their place in the universe and should be treated with respect. It was taught that the pipe in Native American culture should be used to offer smoke to all things that God the Great Spirit has blessed. And so it has been done from that distant time until today. There is a story about two creatures. Two dogs which were asleep when the smoke offerings were made and they were forgotten so when they awoke they were grieved and angry because they had been neglected when smoke offerings had been made to all other living things. And they said to the people, you have failed to make smoke offerings to us. Therefore to punish you we shall bite you and yet we will never leave you. We shall follow you and be with you forever. The names of these two dogs were sickness and death, and so as they said, sickness and death are always among all living things upon the earth. Our powers increase and diminish, we have strength and weariness, we are bitten by sickness and bitten by death. The sun rises and shines, yet it is overcome by darkness. The moon waxes to fullness and then fades away. The flowers bloom and then wither, the leaves come forth and are cut down by autumn. The wind blows and there is calm. And so changes come, and all things sicken and die. But though sickness and death may bite, all things that are bitten return and are born again. The Cherokee Nation Blackfeet Cultural Circle of North America, our sacred funeral ceremony and interment burial rite is in our sacred and spiritual tradition. In the name of the great spirit of life:

Principal Shaman Red Deer

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