The Bearer of the Sacred
Grand Medicine Pipe
The Sacred Medicine Bundle


I am Shaman Red Deer, Ceremonial Shaman of the Cherokee/Blackfeet Circle of New York City. I am entrusted bearer of the Sacred Grand Medicine Pipe and the Sacred Medicine Bundle.

In making this announcement in spirit word I must give good medicine. The Grand Medicine pipe represents a symbol of peace and brotherly love. The ceremonial smoking of the Sacred Pipe is a symbol Peace and Hospitality. It is also a practice in Indian Culture, when Indians entertain a distinguished person or a president of the United States. They present him with a new pipe. The significance being a gift pipe represents a symbol of friendship and esteem. We must remember as native, the Grand medicine Pipe originated among the Eastern Woodland Indians of the Upper Mississippi Country.

This area was originally the Land of the Cherokee! The Bearer of the Grand Medicine Pipe represents their Tribe or Nation present more than a pledge approached in the true spirit of a friend even as a brother and expected that they be met in the same spirit. The belief in the purity and grandeur of this new relation among men mean the Grand Medicine Pipe will soften the heart of all who come into its presence and unite them in friendship.

There are a connection with the Medicine Pipe and Medicine Bundle. In some cases the Shaman, the Medicine Man ranks higher than a Chief in his duties. The term medicine to the Indian does not necessarily mean a remedy it imply a cure! In Indian Culture and Tradition, the Office of medicine men are hereditary and the position or ranks handed down from father to son, the secrets of the profession being carefully guarded and divulged only to the successor.

In other cases the rank is acquired through by being elected or appointed by vote or council and in many eases a man may embody the dual positions of Chief and Medicine Man.

The Medicine bundle is sacred and has spiritual meaning and use in connection with the shaman. In true spiritual practice and use of the medicine Bundle Bearer are no NOSTRUMS or HOCUS POCUS person, hut represent a spiritual reality in Indian Cultural Tradition. The Cherokee Blackfeet Cultural of New York City are Algonquian in ceremonial and powwow practice meaning we are spiritual in our cultural heritage. By me being a bearer of the grand sacred pipe I am a bearer of peace! Originally the Indians did not smoke tobacco. Originally tobacco was using the same as we burn incense today! Originally the Sacred Grand Medicine Pipe was use with Bearberry leaves originally the Grand medicine pipe was smoke with mixtures of Herb leaves of Sumac laurel, Manzanita Squaw bush, Maple bush, Inner Bark of Red Willow, Dogwood, Cherry, Arrowood, Poplar Birch call (Kinnikinnick) by the Natives. The Grand Sacred Medicine Pipe of peace has its inception from Blackfeet Indian the Cherokees of the Eastern Woodland of the United States.

The Grand Sacred Medicine Pipe which represents peace and friendship and welcoming the most certainly would not put any kind of additives in the medicinal herbs to be smoke in a sacred ceremony that will bring harm to the chambers of our body health

My mission is to bring good medicine to my people!

Tobacco was originally a sacred plant to the Natives, but in today’s world due to the advent of ungodly European hands, the sacredness of the tobacco have been temper with by additions of toxic chemicals.

As I said earlier the Indians did not smoke tobacco but burn tobacco in its natural state as we bum incense today! Herbs was originally use in the sacred pipe that were none poisonous! Being the bearer and keeper of the Sacred Grand Medicine Pipe and Bearer and keeper of the Sacred Medicine Bundle may the Great Spirit bless us all to practice at alt time!

Thank you for reading this spirit word lecture of the Cherokee Blackfeet Cultural Circle of New York City.

Shaman Red Deer

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